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Aircycle Engineering cc was established in 1998 as a mechanical engineering business specialising in air-conditioning, refrigeration, compressors and plant maintenance. We strive to offer a range of related products and services ideally suited to your specific plant requirements. We are committed to delivering solutions to our customers that continuously exceed expectations, at the highest quality and best value.


Aircycle Engineering cc is continuously looking for opportunities where we can add value to our business, and we incorporate the following services:


  1. A retail store providing air-conditioners, generators and compressors. We also supply a wide range of consumables, parts and accessories for our product ranges.
  2. Sales, installation and maintenance of chillers and refrigeration equipment.
  3. The maintenance and servicing of compressors.
  4. Leasing of compressors and generators for all applications.
  5. Manufacture and installation of ducting for all ventilation applications, including conditioned air ducts, recirculating-air ducts and fresh-air ducts.
  6. Project management for the successful delivery of all related products and services.  




We have a new division focusing on Business Management Systems.

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